what is this madness?

This pop up tome of unimaginable freakish fright was inspired to become real when Skinner started working with Poposition Press a few years ago as one of the artists featured in The Pop Up Art Book. He saw what was a gateway to potential occult heresies. His horrible rattling maggot mind started to germinate ideas…what could he do to merge his love for disturbing weird horror and his own interest in the macabre pop up arts?


And so, Skinner went about dragging Poposition Press’s head master engineer Rosston Meyer into combining terrible and illuminating scrawlings with the mathematical angles of pop up magic into something that old Lovecraft readers and new indoctrinated disciples of horror could love!

  • Skinner

    Skinner is a self-taught artist living in Oakland, California who has meticulously crafted a balance of extraordinary mural work, bizarre illustrations and antagonistic installations while maintaining a prolific commercial career.

    Skinner brings his own very specific weird art to anywhere in the world that can handle it. His work has been seen in Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose & Beautiful/Decay, on Adult Swim, with metal bands Mastodon & High On Fire and most recently on Youtube on the Superdeluxe show Drawing with Skinner.

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  • Rosston

    Rosston Meyer is a designer whose love of art and pop culture led to the creation of Poposition Press where he designs, paper engineers and self publishes limited edition pop up books with contemporary artists.

    Through Poposition, Rosston has published Jim Mahfood’s Pop Up Funk,The Pop Up Art Book with various artists (Angry Woebots, Skinner, Kozyndan, Junko Mizuno, Tara McPherson + Jim Mahfood), and Junko Mizuno’s Triad. He is currently working on future pop up book projects with various artists, paper engineers and corporate clients.

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